Create and craft in all kinds of ways with Craftrange's selection of blank wooden letters, wooden numbers and numerous shapes.  All these items are ready for you to decorate so whether you want something to paint for a shabby chic finish, decoupage or personalise you will find it here.

Choose a wooden shape or product and personalise it further with our wooden letters and numbers. Spell out someone special's name in letters or create a special phrase.

Hang items as decorations or even give them as a gift once you've added your creative touch! The possibilities are endless!

Why not get crafty today with our superb range of wood letters, numbers and shapes and see just how far a bit of inspiration will take you...


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Pyrography Craft Kit

Pyrography Craft Kit Electric tool with replaceable metal needles for decorating in cork, leather and wood. Stand and needles are included as well as motifs and free hand drawing patterns. Contents: 1 electric burner tool (30W - max 500°C) with UK plug and heat insulated holder, stand,7 glow needles and 3 different motifs and 4 for hand drawing . size 19x3 cm


Wood Scrabble Tiles

Wood Scrabble Tiles 100 Pieces A-9, B-2, C-2, D-4, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6, O-8, P-2, Q-1, R-6, S-4, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1, BLANK-2


Wooden Mushroom

Wooden Mushroom A set of 1 large and 2 small toadstool mushrooms made of turned wood. . size 4,5+6,5 cm, D: 3,3+4,5 cm


Wooden Buttons 12mm

Wooden Buttons 12mm Excellent quality with flat back and curved front. D: 12 mm, thickness 3 mm 30 Pieces


Wooden Buttons 20mm

Wooden Buttons 20mm Excellent quality with flat back and curved front. D: 20 mm, thickness 5 mm 20 Pieces


Wooden Buttons 25mm

Wooden Buttons 25mm Excellent quality with flat back and curved front. D: 25 mm, thickness 5 mm 15 Pieces


Wooden Buttons 40mm

Wooden Buttons 40mm Excellent quality with flat back and curved front. D: 40 mm, thickness 6 mm 10 Pieces


Wooden Buttons 50mm

Wooden Buttons 50mm Excellent quality with flat back and curved front. D: 50 mm, thickness 10 mm 5 Pieces


Wooden Heart Assortment

Wooden Heart Assortment Pack of wood hearts in assorted sizes size 18-30 mm, thickness 2 mm


Wooden Cone Body

Wooden Cone Body Small, cone-shaped wood body H: 4 cm, W: 2,2 cm 10 Pieces


Wooden Scalloped Hearts

Wooden Scalloped Hearts Hearts cut in wood veneer with dark, waved edges Pack with 4 large hearts with a mounting hole (dia. 2.5 mm) and 8 small hearts size 7,5x7,5 cm, size 5,1x5,... 10 Pieces


Wooden Beads with Hole

Wooden Beads with Hole Raw wood beads with large hole D: 10 mm, hole size 2,5 mm 40 Pieces


Wooden Tags

Wooden Tags Manilla tags of wood veneer with drilled hole and rounded edges size 30x60 mm 10 Pieces


Wooden Crosses

Wooden Crosses Die-cut cross of wood veneer - pack of 2 designs each of 3 pcs size 9x6,5 cm, thickness 3 mm


Wooden Storage Boxes Open Sided

Wooden Storage Boxes Open Sided Vintage boxes with open sides - set of 3 pcs. Measurements: 22x7x6.5 cm, 23.5x8.5x7 cm, 25x10x7.5 cm .


Wooden Storage Box with Heart Cutout

Wooden Storage Box with Heart Cutout Practical storage boxes of wood, with heart handles. Set of 3 different sizes. 20,5x11,5x6,3 cm, 18x9,8x5,8 cm, 15,8x7,8x5,5 cm .


Wooden Mini Easel 25cm

Wooden Mini Easel 25cm Mini easel - ideal for presenting mini canvases. Shelf depth: 12 mm. H: 25 cm


Wooden Bunnies Set

Wooden Bunnies Set H: 11.5cm & 24.5cm W: 6.5cm & 11.5cm Depth: 2cm


Mdf Shaker Hearts

Mdf Shaker Hearts. Pack 3 Approx Size H: 19cm x W: Widest Part 10cm


Wooden Hen Shape with String and Bead Hanger

Wooden Hen Shape with String and Bead Hanger Fantastic for decorating with paint, pens, inks and more... Size approx: 3.8cm x 5.5cm


MDF Wooden Number 9 (8cm)

MDF Wooden Number 9 (8cm) These top quality wooden letters and wooden numbers are perfect for decoupage, painting, varnishing and more. Personalise them, create special phrases, spell names - the possibilities are endless! Size 8cm


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