Welcome Plaque Groovi Spacer Plate This Groovi Spacer Plate enables you to use A6 Groovi Plates with your A5 Square Groovi Plate Mate. 43mm x 148mm
Manufacturer: Clarity Stamps
SKU: GROWO4068406
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Home A6 Groovi Plate

Home Groovi A6 Groovi Plate Intricate and clever designs have been laser etched with precision into top quality acrylic plates, thereby allowing you to get in the groove with a specifically made-to-measure embossing tool, and effortlessly follow the design path through parchment. The end result is quick, crisp and clean. For best results from the Groovi Plates and Groovi Plate Mate, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool. 105mm x 148mm


Perga Glitter Collection Box - 6

Perga Glitter Collection Exclusively made by WOW! Each Case contains 6 of the following iridescent glitter colours: Hint of Blue Ultra-fine Hint of Copper Ultra-fine Hint of Green Ultra-fine Hint of Pink Ultra-fine Hint of Silver Ultra-fine Hint of Gold Ultra-fine Ultra-fine - Anti-static - Translucent - Iridescent This product is Non Toxic


Clarity ii Book - Jayne's Groovi Floral Collection

Clarity ii Book - Jayne's Groovi Floral Collection Ideas & Inspiration Contains 21 Inspirational card and step-by-step projects, designed by our parchment craft experts. Master the art of parchment crafting with Groovi: a simple and effective way to make beautiful & intricate designs


Clarity ii Book - Perforating Guide - Diagonal

Clarity ii Book - Perforating Guide - Diagonal Ideas & Inspiration (for Diagonal Border Pattern grid No.1): Contains 22 easy to follow step-by-step projects, designed by parchment craft expert Tina Cox. Master the art of grid-work and produce beautiful lacey detail on your parchment