Heat Resistant Mats

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Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet

This re-usable, non-stick, non-porous, multi-purpose craft sheet offers a heat resistant slick work surface. Sheet Size : 15" x 18"


Ken Oliver Best Ever Craft Mat 36" x 24"

Ken Oliver Best Ever Craft Mat 36" x 24" This very versatile mat is perfect for most crafting projects! Features: Non stick, non skid, non porous, heat resistant, heavy duty, wrinkle free, offers superb surface protection, wipes clean, reusable and multi purpose. Protects your work surface from heat tools, paints, inks, polymer clay, glues, sprays and solvents.


Little Venice Cake Company Non Stick Icing Sheet 500mm x 300mm

Little Venice Cake Company Non Stick Icing Sheet. The finest opaque grade non-stick icing sheet available. Transparent enough for delicate royal icing, lace and other sugar craft work. Essential for perfecting the ultimate finishing touches. Reusable, cost effective and dishwasher safe. Professional quality from Mich Turner and the Little Venice Cake Company. Size 500mm x 300mm.

£4.99 £2.99

Woodware Non Stick Craft Mat

Woodware Non Stick Craft Mat. Heat resistant non-stick sheet and work surface protector. Hot Stuff mats are ideal for all craft projects that use heat application just use the mat to protect your work surfacesSize 330mm x 500mm