Terial Magic Fabric Spray is a fabric stiffening spray that will change the composition of your fabric, enabling you to die cut, print onto fabric and much more. Terial Magic stabilising fabric spray is your new favourite tool whilst working with fabric on any project. It keeps your single ply fabric from fraying and makes it paper like, then washes out so your fabric is soft again. Terial Magic is non-toxic, and each bottle includes 710ml/24 fl.oz.
Manufacturer: Terail Arts
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Powertex: the versatile, environmentally friendly, acid free, water based textile hardener. Powertex air dries and becomes rock hard. Dip textile in Powertex, wring it out well and wrap or drape it around a frame or object to create amazing artworks and crafts. Once dry, pieces can be decorated with paint or pigments. Once finished, Powertex creates unique pieces of artwork for inside or outside display. For outdoor use Powertex can be weather proofed with two layers of Easy Varnish


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