Sue Wilson Dies

Sue Wilson Dies from Creative Expressions are some of the best dies available to crafters and offer a truly inspiring selection of designs that fit all kinds of occasions. 

We love these dies as they are high quality, beautifully packaged and offer a great die cutting experience!

They can be used with the Gemini Machine as well as most other branded machines so they are definintely worth having in your craft room! 

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Sue Wilson January 2016 Stunning New Die Collection

Sue Wilson Stunning New Die Collection Three new brands : Austrailan, New Zealand, Perspective & additions to the Finshing touches, Gemini, Configuration & Frames & Tags


Sue Wilson Expressions Collection

Say what you want with the Sue Wilson Expression Collection. Each die is high quality and offers you a unique design with each expression. So whether you want to say Thanks or Happy Birthday you'll find it! Be sure to check the latest additions to this range on our website too!


Sue Wilson 3D Bow Collection

The Sue Wilson 3D Bow Collection comes in a range of designs and never seems to lose popularity. Perhaps it's the Itty Bitty 3D Bows that never go out of fashion or the quality of the dies. Craftrange stocks the full range at a great price!