Pergamano Grids & Mats

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Pergamano Embossing Mat Excellent

Pergamano Embossing Mat Excellent 300mm x 400mm Tools not included

£16.99 £14.99

Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+

Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+. The Black Perforating Mat A4+ is placed underneath the parchment paper during perforating. Because of the size the mat is ideal for the perforating of large pieces and areas, you won't need to move the piece over and over. Size 235mm x 335mm x 8mm Thick. Pack 1


Pergamano Multi Grid No18 Numbers

Pergamano Multi Grid No18 Numbers. Multi Grid No 18 has numbers in different fonts and an edging, simply create your own edges and lace work by using the perforating and / or embossing patterns on the multi grid. This grid can be used in combination with Pergamano perforating and embossing tools as they fit the grid exactly. Pack 1

£10.29 £8.49

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