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Pergamano Tinta Ink

Pergamano Tinta Ink. Tinta inks are water-based inks, the white is most commonly used for tracing and is opaque unlike the other inks. The coloured inks are also used for painting and give a matt finish and can be mixed with the Pintura and Pinta-Perla paints for a glossier finish. Available in a range of colours. 30ml Bottle


Pergamano Dorso Lively Colours

Pergamano Dorso Lively Colours. The Pergamano Dorso Crayons Lively colours range were especially developed for the dorsing technique. With this technique you add colour to the parchment paper using the dorso crayons and dorso oil. Eight different lively colours. Pack 8

£6.99 £2.10

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