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Pebeo Gilding Waxes

Pebeo Gilding Wax Empire Gold This Gilding wax is made from very fine metal particles coated with wax and acrylic resin. It produces a high quality finish on many surfaces including metal, wood, plaster, cardboard and glass. 30ml Glass Jar


Vitrea 160 Glass Pen

Vitrea 160 Glass Pens are transparent, thermo-hardening markers for glass and dishwasher safe after oven baking, available in a range of colours


Pebeo Setasilk 45ml

Pebeo Setasilk available in a wide range of colours45ml Bottle


Pebeo Deco Glossy 45ml

Pebeo Deco Glossy Paint available in a range of colours45ml Bottle


Pebeo Drawing Gum

Pebeo Drawing Gum dries in approx 15 minutes, can be used on paper, bristol board and cardboard45ml Bottle