MDF Wooden Numbers and Letters

When it comes to creating shabby chic or a finishing touch for the home nothing is more personal than MDF letters. Aside from the fact that you can create the words you want with ease, but they are also ideal at Christmas time and even for a child's bedroom.

You can decorate MDF Letters in so many ways too. From using paints on them, chalky painting effects, decoupage and even stamps and inks, the scope is amazing.

If you're looking for letters made from MDF or even numbers, Craftrange stocks a wide variety of them in all kinds of sizes.

What can you decorate with?

Decoupage papers are very popular and tend to be finished off with Modge Podge Glue, which gives the letters a nice shiny or matt finish depending on the glue that you use.

You can also use standard paints. The Americana Chalky Paints we do are brilliant for decorating these.  Simply choose two colours ( a light and a dark one).  Paint a base layer and use sandpaper to create a shabby chic effect.  Then paint a layer of the lighter paint on the wood and do the same.



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