IndigoBlu was launched on 1 May 2011 after Alfie had been made redundant for the third time!!

A friend recommended they borrow an old stamp making machine that was gathering dust and make a go of it. With just enough money for one roll of rubber, Alfie began creating stamps from Kay's designs in his Mum & Dad's shed. Kay's 18 years in the industry coupled with her design and photographic experience led her to create the very distinctive Quintessentially English range of rubber stamps. Kay and Alfie quickly decided that they wanted to make high quality, deeply etched, detailed designs hence all of the IndigoBlu range of stamps are made from red rubber. The first stamps were sold in June 2011 with their first website promoting the products launched soon after. In April 2012 IndigoBlu moved to a small manufacturing unit where they currently reside. Kay has taken over the cabin as her design studio designing such designs as the Indigoblu A6 Design stamps and the Indigoblu A5 Stamps, there are now 12 full-time employees and another 2 part-time staff which are helping the company grow.

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Indigoblu Flitterglu Starter Set

Indigoblu Flitterglu Starter Set Contains 1x FlitterGlu, 1x Phat Foam, 1 x Scoochy Sponge, 1x Easy Peasy Stamp Cleaner, 1x Hints & Tips.All you need except Megaflakes.


IndigoBlu English Garden Acrylic Paints

IndigoBlu English Garden Acrylic Paints, pigment rich, opaque and acid free available in 18 colours 60ml Bottle


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