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IC Starlights Paints

Imagination Crafts Starlights Paint Imagination specialist crushed metal flake semi-translucent Starlight Paint. Colours can be used on their own or blended with other colours to create depth and highlights. Each colour is threaded with a contrasting colour so that when the paint catches the light the colours twinkle and flash together. 50 ml Bottle

£4.99 £4.79

IC Starlights Textile Paints

Imagination Crafts Starlights Textile Paint Starlight Textile Paints have been especially developed for use on any fabric or fabric coated surfaces. They can be applied with a brush, roller or sponge and applied freehand or through stencils. Starlight Textile Paints give a beautiful, soft shimmering finish and should be ironed to fix the colour. Washable up to 40 degrees. 50 ml Bottle

£4.99 £4.79

IC Starlights Candle Paint

Imagination Crafts Starlights Candle Paints Water based premium quality paint for candle decorating and stencilling. Adhere to candles, soaps and other slick surfaces. Easy to use and Non-Toxic 50 ml Bottle

£4.99 £4.79

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