Groovi A4 Parchment 2 Tone Orange Squash/Lime Twist Colour-flooded on one side, so whitework is still really white! 5 sheets of Orange Squash, 5 sheets of Lime Twist Dimensions: 210mm x 297mm Weight: 140gsm
Manufacturer: Clarity Stamps
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Frilly Squares - Groovi A5 Square Plate

Groovi A5 Square Plate - Frilly Squares Intricate and clever designs have been laser etched with precision into top quality acrylic plates, thereby allowing you to get in the groove with a specifically made-to-measure embossing tool, and effortlessly follow the design path through parchment. The end result is quick, crisp and clean. For best results from the Groovi® Plates and Groovi® Plate Mate, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool. • Dimensions: 148mm x 148mm


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