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Fimo Soft Standard

Fimo Soft Standard. Oven-hardening soft modelling clay. Blending made easy by practical division into eight portions. Ready to use, smooth and soft. Available in a wide variety of Standard colours. Resealable packaging. Size 56g Block. Pack 1


Fimo Quick Mix 100g

Fimo Quick Mix. perfect for blending with crumbly or hard FIMO classic to make kneading easier. When used in proper proportion (approximately one part Quick Mix to 5 parts FIMO classic), colours will not change. Excellent for children100 g block


Fimo Soft

Fimo Soft. A large pack of Fimo Soft modeling material, which is an extremely versatile modeling material that hardens in the oven. The improved formula keeps Fimo Soft and ready can be used right out of the package. Size 350g Block. Pack 1


Fimo Gloss Varnish

Fimo Gloss Varnish will add a glossy sheen and protect your project.10ml bottle


Easy Metal

Eberhardfaber Easy Metal Sheets, use for decorating surfaces with leaf metal


Fimo Bead Roller

The Fimo Bead Roller is a must to create smooth uniform round beads.


Fimo Doll Modelling Puppen Clay

Fimo Doll Modelling Puppen Clay. Oven-hardening modelling clay for doll-modelling applications. Use for detailed and filigree modelling. Exremely pliable and dimensionally stable. Can be blended with FIMO soft / classic for an unlimited number of shades. Natural colour with semi-matt porcelain finish.500g Block


Fimo Modelling Tools

Fimo modelling tool set, plastic wallet with 4 different tools for shaping, cutting and scoring any kind of modelling clay


Leafing Pen (Gold and Silver)

Leafing Pens in Gold or Silver Smooth flowing paint from these pens offers a very high-quality finish on virtually any surface Each pen has a chiseled tip that will draw both thick and thin lines Brilliant if you want something that will actually resemble proper plating Available in Gold or Silver


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