Craft Consortium

Glorious Decoupage Papers from Craft Consortium

With a truly stunning selection of decoupage papers and pads, if you want quality and sophistication then these should be your paper of choice!

Craftrange stocks the entire range of decoupage papers, as well as the Christmas decoupage papers and pads.

If you love decoupage and haven't yet discovered this brand then do take a look, as once you feel the super quality and see the value you'll never look back!

Or for more craft supplies why not look at our website?

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Craft Consortium Decoupage Papers - Only 3 Deisgn Now available

Craft Consortium Decoupage Papers Each set contains 3 sheets, each sheet measuring 35 x 40 cm. Which will enable you to cover a large surface area. These durable decoupage papers are ideal for covering a variety of surfaces and objects, including wood, ceramics, plastic, glass, terracotta, MDF, canvases and paper mache shapes.

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