Powertex Pearlescent pigments gives your artwork a metallic finish. Can be mixed with easy varnish for metallic paint or dry-brush techniques. Ideal for Bronze imitation finishes.
Manufacturer: Powertex
SKU: PT0104
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Powercolor is a colour pigment that can be used in different ways with Powertex products. Powercolor can be mixed with Powertex transparent to make coloured Powertex of your choice. Powercolor can also be mixed with other Powertex colors to create different shades, added to Powertex ivory it can create pastel tones useful in painting and mixed media work. Powercolor can also be used in combination with Easy Varnish to paint and dry-brush your artwork.


Fossil Silicone Mould - Medium

Fossil Silicone Mould - Medium Approx : 47mm x 40mm Suitable for use with most mediums.


Interference Powder Pigment 10g - 3 Colours Available

Interference Powder Pigment 10g - 3 Colours Available Gives a stunning rose gold pearlescent shimmering finish to your mixed media artwork..


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