Clarity Stencils at Craftrange

Clarity Stencils at Craftrange

Clarity Stencils (also called Clarity Stamps) have really come on leaps and bounds with their range of beautiful stencils and they have proven to be popular with crafters, artists and even DIY enthusiasts everywhere!

Clarity stencils come in a 7" x 7" size, a 6" x 6" size and also an A5, giving you plenty of options for use in a range of projects, including card making, scrapbooking and home crafts.

Clarity Stencils offer the very highest quality but due to how they are produced they are pliable yet sturdy, making them perfect for using again and again.

They are perfect for using with inks and acrylic paints and as they're perfect for spongeing, spritzing and stippling, you can achieve some pretty amazing effects.

Craftrange stocks a wide variety of stencils so why not take a look and see how you can transform your projects with them?

Here's just a few stencils that we stock right now, so do check them out!




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