Clarity ii Book - Perforating Guide - Diagonal Ideas & Inspiration (for Diagonal Border Pattern grid No.1): Contains 22 easy to follow step-by-step projects, designed by parchment craft expert Tina Cox. Master the art of grid-work and produce beautiful lacey detail on your parchment
Manufacturer: Clarity Stamps
Manufacturer part number: ACCBO30527XX
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Groovi Border Plate Mate Art Deco Alphabet

This 2-part Groovi Border Plate Mate Set comprises both a general Border Plate frame, to hold all your other border plates in place while you work, and a Numbers and Flourishes border, to compliment the ABC on the main Border Plate Mate. For best results from all Groovi Plates and Groovi Plate Mates, use the 0.8mm - 1.3mm embossing tool. 210mm x 325mm and 60mm x 297mm


Clarity ii Book - Jayne's Groovi Floral Collection

Clarity ii Book - Jayne's Groovi Floral Collection Ideas & Inspiration Contains 21 Inspirational card and step-by-step projects, designed by our parchment craft experts. Master the art of parchment crafting with Groovi: a simple and effective way to make beautiful & intricate designs