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Christmas Spruce Trees with Wooden base

Christmas Spruce Trees with Wooden base Small trees made of nylon bristles and twisted wire. Each tree comes with a small wooden stand for mounting. Is used to make smaller Christmas landscapes for window sills and so on. Pack of 5 trees in two different sizes . H: 40mm x 2 H: 60mm x 3


Wooden Mushroom

Wooden Mushroom A set of 1 large and 2 small toadstool mushrooms made of turned wood. . size 4,5+6,5 cm, D: 3,3+4,5 cm


Wooden Mushroom Table & Stool

Wooden Mushroom Table & Stool Small round table made of a turned wooden stand and table top of sliced calloused wood, with two small stools in the same style. size 6x5 cm, size 2,5x2,5 cm


Wooden Christmas Trees

Wooden Christmas Trees Wooden 3D christmas trees. Supplied unassembled. Pack with 2 sizes. 1 each of H: 13mm H : 18cm