Adult Colouring Book Guide

Adult Colouring Book Guide Plus free Colouring Download!


Have you purchased an Adult Colouring Book but are unsure how or where to start? Or perhaps you've not tried it before and don't know what to expect?

Either way you're in the right place to find out!

Don't forget to DOWNLOAD your free colouring pattern here!


What pens or paints do you need?

If you're unusure then you've come to the right place, as Craftrange has put together this rather useful Adult Colouring Guide, which goes through the various ways you can colour. 

It's not just colour fills either - adult colouring can be extremely creative and there are some talented crafters who have gold leafed their designs, so get ready to be creative!

Adult Colouring

The process of adult colouring has really grown in this past year, with more and more people seeing the benefits. As well as being a creative endeavour it's also a great leveller for stress if you suffer from it and it's a brilliant way to calm down after a hard day.

You don't need lots of tools either - unless you want them of course and as you can pretty much take it anywhere, it's ideal for holidays, Christmas and even a ride on the train.

What's available?

There are many books available to purchase. These include the Zen Colouring Books, but also Just Add Colour, Enchanted Garden by Johanna Basford and the Classic Comic Book options!

So how can you start colouring in?

Here's some top tips...taken from one of the books we currently stock...



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