At Craftrange we stock all the most popular adhesives and craft glues. From favourites like Collall All Purpose Glue to Photo Glue and Mod Podge, you'll also find the prices are low.

We have multibuys on some of the regular glue products too, so you can save money and keep stocked up easily.

Why not take a look through and see what we've got or if you're after other craft supplies browse are website to see what's available?


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Hi Tack Fray Glue 60ml

Hi Tack Fray Glue 60ml Dries clear and remains flexible . Suitable for most fabrics


Hi Tack Fabric Glue 115ml

Hi Tack Fabric Glue 115ml Suitable for most fabrics including Cotton, Synthetics, Leather, Suede & Ribbon


Nozzle for use with the E6000 14.7ml,29.5ml & 59.1ml

Nozzle for use with the E6000 14.7ml, 29.5ml & 59.1ml Nozzle for use with E6000 Glue. Plastic tip applicator for the infamous E6000 glue. Perfect for jewellery making and precision work, it allows you added control. The nozzle simply screws onto the 14.7ml & 29.5ml E6000 glues.


Mod Podge Extreme Glitter 8oz

Mod Podge Extreme Glitter 8oz Add extra glitter, sparkle and pizazz. Apply multiple coats to achieve extra glitz and glamour


Stickles (Glitter Glue)

Stickles (Glitter Glue) by Ranger, available in a multitude of colours18ml Bottle


Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Pearl PVA

Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Pearl PVA glues dry in a stunning pearlescent sheen and comes in a range of gorgeous colours.30ml Bottle


Kandi Hot Fix Applicator

Kandi Hot Fix Applicator. Create your own shimmering designs with this easy to use applicator and hot fix crystals, pearls, nail heads and rhine studs.Integrated on/off switch. Included 8 tips 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 7mm and flat tips 4mm and 9mm. Pack 1


Acid Free Micro Dots

Acid Free Micro Adhesive Dots Photo safe and Acid Free ideal for small awkward jobs.Size 9mm x 9.1m


Collall Photo glue 100ml

This 100 ml repositionable photo glue from Collall adheres cleanly and seamlessly to paper, card, textile and leather. This Collall Photo Glue is quick drying, acid free and doesn't shrink. Glued materials are easy to remove, you can simply rub off any excess glue. Collall Photo Glue should be tested on a small (invisible) area before use. Can glue paper, card, cork, wood, glass, stone and more


Black Magnetic Paint

Black Magnetic Paint. Versatile magnetic paint - makes any surface able to attract and hold magnets - can be applied directly on to walls. The paint must dry for 24 hours between coats and a minimum of 3 layers is recommended. Bottle of 250ml


Stick it Cool Melt Glue Gun

Stick it Cool Melt Glue Gun Glue gun for use with cool glue sticks. Very easy to use. Load the glue gun with a glue stick. In just three to five minutes you'll get a good flow of glue for your craft projects.

£12.99 £11.99

Stick it Cool Glue Melt Sticks Pk12

Stick it Cool Glue Melt Sticks Cool Melt Glue Sticks that melt at low temperatures but with effective adhesion. Each pack contains 12 glue sticks that are approximately 10cm in length.


Indigoblu Flitterglu Starter Set

Indigoblu Flitterglu Starter Set Contains 1x FlitterGlu, 1x Phat Foam, 1 x Scoochy Sponge, 1x Easy Peasy Stamp Cleaner, 1x Hints & Tips.All you need except Megaflakes.


Silicone Adhesive 50ml

Silicone Adhesive 50ml Perfect for 3D decoupage, mosaics and many other craft projects.


3M Spraymount Adhesive

3M Spraymount Adhesive is perfect for a range of craft projects in the home or the office.


Hi Tack Gold Glue

Hi Tack Gold Glue, Very Sticky All Purpose Glue for all your craft projects Safe and Non Toxic available in 2 sizes


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