Pergamano Tools

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Pergamano Mapping Pen

Pergamano Mapping Pen The Mapping Pen is used for tracing patterns using Tinta Ink. After Use the nib can be placed in the holder reversed to the nins dont get damaged.


Pergamano Mapping Pen Bronze Nibs

Pergamano Mapping Pen Bronze Nibs For use with the Pergamano Mapping Pens for which you trace the patterns with tina ink. Contains 12 Nibs


Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+

Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+. The Black Perforating Mat A4+ is placed underneath the parchment paper during perforating. Because of the size the mat is ideal for the perforating of large pieces and areas, you won't need to move the piece over and over. Size 235mm x 335mm x 8mm Thick. Pack 1