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Perga Glitter Collection Box - 6

Perga Glitter Collection Exclusively made by WOW! Each Case contains 6 of the following iridescent glitter colours: Hint of Blue Ultra-fine Hint of Copper Ultra-fine Hint of Green Ultra-fine Hint of Pink Ultra-fine Hint of Silver Ultra-fine Hint of Gold Ultra-fine Ultra-fine - Anti-static - Translucent - Iridescent This product is Non Toxic


Pergamano Embossing Mat Excellent

Pergamano Embossing Mat Excellent 300mm x 400mm Tools not included

£16.99 £14.99

Pergamano Dorso Oil

Pergamano Dorso Oil. Perfect for use with the dorsing technique. Use a small drop on a tissue to spread your colour has a useful spout to portion the oil well. 10ml Bottle


Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+

Pergamano Perforating Mat A4+. The Black Perforating Mat A4+ is placed underneath the parchment paper during perforating. Because of the size the mat is ideal for the perforating of large pieces and areas, you won't need to move the piece over and over. Size 235mm x 335mm x 8mm Thick. Pack 1


Pergamano Perga Glue

Pergamano Perga Glue. Perga glue is a specially designed glue for use with your parchment paper. 25ml Bottle


Pergamano Perga Soft

Pergamano Perga Soft. Perga Soft is a special kind of wax which can be used on embossing and/or perforating tools. It makes embossing and perforating easier. Just drag the embossing or perforating tool over the wax lightly. Perga soft is influenced by temperatures. If it is cold the wax will be harder. If you keep it in a warm place it will be softer. Pack 1


Pergamano Tool Organiser

Pergamano Tool Organiser. The tool organiser can be completely closed off with a zipper and has extra storage space and pockets. You can store all your tools and there are spaces for other items such as grids and mats. Size 270mm x 220mm. Pack 1

£35.99 £34.99

Pergamano Sticky Ink

Pergamano Sticky Ink. Ideal for applying glitter. Apply with the mapping pen for a very detailed result. Dries transparent after use. 30ml Bottle. Pack 1